Mississippi Excellence in Teaching Program

Academics: English Education

Our secondary education English major is designed to prepare students for a career in teaching English at the 7-12 grade level.

Our major provides instruction and practical experiences to prepare you for the responsibilities and rewards of teaching students in high school. Our major also provides both education and practical experiences to determine effective instructional approaches in the teaching of particular components of the secondary school curriculum: language study, reading, literature, writing, listening and speaking.

Consult the Curriculum, Instruction, and Special Education website for additional courses and professional requirements for pre-service secondary education majors.

Required Content Courses

EN 1103: Composition I
EN 1113: Composition II
CO 1502: Introduction to Theater
EN 2203: Intro to Literature
EN 2243: American Literature I
EN 2253: American Literature II
EN 2213: English Literature I
EN 2223: English Literature II
EN 2434: Literature and Film
EN 3414: Critical Writing
EN 3423: Descriptive English Grammar
EN 4633: Sociolinguistics
World Literature I or II
History of English Language or Linguistics
Literary Criticism or 20th Century Critical Theory
Elective (3000 or 4000 level)